To sports clubs and organizer of trainings, sections

We provide, both free functions of your addition of occupation/section, and the unique paid.
For registration of your training you have to fill, to be the registered participant of community, and fill the corresponding form.

Standard addition of occupation

You will be able to add days of the week, frequency, duration, a venue, training cost, and certainly contacts of the organizer of sports section/training.

PRO account of the organizer of trainings

From 1 to 3 years is bought. The long-period assumes a big discount.

Buying a PRO account you expand functionality of work with your sports events and trainings, part from these functions are unique for your region and for whole country.

oplata_abonement Reception of payment for the subscription — a PRO account you can accept payment for the occupations. The commission of service of 5% is collected. Money is given monthly.
mark Internal advance — the last occupation/training which you have added will be displayed above all others in yours area/staff and in the sport corresponding to the held event. All other occupations will be allocated in the list, and will correspond to standard sorting.
prt External advance — the part of the sum which you have paid will be allocated for promotion of the page of yours of occupation/training. First of all advance will go through a contextual advertizing.
garant Money-back guarantee — if the PRO account was used for addition only occupations, and during period of action PRO account we won't be able to attract clients on the cost you have spent on a PRO account, we will return to you this payment in full.

Cost - 150 $ a year.

* At present the PRO account allows to operate both events, and sports sections at the same time, that is you don't have need to buy different PRO accounts.

New functionality is always open to discussion. We know that each sports discipline can have the nuances we are ready to follow the tastes your requirements.