To sportsmen. Get to know your rating in the sport

Sport - is something that unites our community. The third-party assessment it is what denote to our mistakes, and it make us stronger.

If you are rather self-critical, and are ready to perceive structurally an assessment of the game, in one or another kind of sport, then add sports disciplines which are interesting to you and you will be able to know how you are good have been in these kinds of sport. Any activity on the discipline you have chosen will increase your reputation among our sports community

For the purpose of getting an assessment of your sports skills, it is necessary to do following these simple steps:

  1. Register (automatic authorization of VKontakte, Facebook);
  2. To add sports disciplines which are interesting to you;
  3. To connect your friends and acquaintances, to an assessment of your game.

To become a part of global community of a certain sport has never been so easy as it is now. Having a good rating and reputation, it will be easier to you "to join" in sports events which weren't available earlier to you.